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campaigns...what are they?

this is our primary way of fundraising for our beneficiaries.

our benefit campaigns consist of 3 core components:




each is centered around sharing and celebrating people's stories.

we want to invite communities to learn about and participate in building a world where no one has to go through hardship alone.

our goal is to ensure that every beneficiary we partner with feels seen, heard, and supported.

life is hard. let's learn how to do it together ...and have fun in the process.



adventures with purpose

we all have our favorite hobbies, so we figured why not add some deeper meaning to them?

partnering with athletes in their favorite adventures and activities, we get whole communities involved in the fundraising process for our beneficiaries. whether a marathon or pickle ball tournament your participation directly impacts someone's life.

photographed: Courtney and Essence
In 2021, the Love Heals Crew biked 300 miles through California to raise funds for Elaine. Essence is a pro mountain biker from CA, so she showed us around.


custom merch

we design custom merch for our beneficiaries based off their favorite things. each shirt represents a person and their story. each dollar you spend to buy it helps them cover costs associated with their hardship. each time you wear their shirt, you'll have a story to share.

photographed: our custom design for all of our beneficiaries in 2023
photographed: Oceanic headlined our Love Heals: Noah concert in april of 2019. noah got to share the news with all of us that night that his surgery was a success, and his cancer was gone!


storytelling concerts

our concerts are the heart of the campaign process because we believe music is a source of connection. it is during the concert that we invite our beneficiaries to share their story. we know that we could never understand a road we have not walked, but what we have found is this: there is healing in listening and in being heard.

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