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where we started...

in August 2017, my friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. it was during that first year of her diagnosis that we began to learn what it meant for love to heal. walking through a cancer journey with someone you care about is a dynamic experience... and what we discovered in the moments of complexity was that love does heal and there are a multitude of ways we can participate.


in October of 2018, this friend reached out asking for prayer because she was short some funds for her next treatment. i told another friend as we were finishing up our closing shift at the Bistro downtown. he had recently started playing music in town and was learning new freedom through songwriting. so, he suggested we throw a small concert, charge at the door, and give the money to our friend for her treatments.


the idea grew quickly.


as we were putting the night together, someone reached out asking what the event was called. without thinking, i responded, "Love Heals." it was the phrase my friend and i had been pondering for a year as she walked out her diagnosis and i walked alongside her. 

so that's where we started. she asked us to pray. we made shirts and put on a concert. she showed up and shared her story. we raised money for her treatment. and now we do the same for people all over the country, giving them a platform to share their story, and building a world where no one has to go through hard things alone - one person at a time. 

- Courtney -

[Founder & Executive Director]

Our Mission


we walk alongside individuals experiencing hardship by connecting communities, coordinating care, and covering costs.



to build a world where no one walks through hardship alone, one person at a time. 

become the HEARTBEAT of love heals

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