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as a part of our HEARTBEAT program launch we wanted to do something special for those of you who are brave enough to join us in the early stages of changing the world.
we know that building a world where no one walks through hardship alone CAN'T be done alone. so, we wanted to give our first 150 monthly donors a chance to be recognized. we seriously can’t do this without you, and that deserves to be honored.  

here’s how to be eligible:
- 12 consecutive monthly donations of $25 or more
- that’s it

once you have reached eligibility, your name will forever be listed as a Founding 150 member on our website.

our Founding 150

1. Aurelia Cole
2. Kyle West
3. Sarah Nelson
4. Luke & Crystal Rettstatt
5. Dennis & Karen Mabes
6. Christopher & Hannah Shafer
7. Shannon & Tim Woodland
8. Andy & Elisa Rollins
9. Ron Miller
10. Kristi & Randy West

11. CloudCard


we are just getting started and cannot wait to change the world together. seriously though, we have a huge vision and we're pretty determined. want to join our rag tag team of people radically in pursuit of building a world where no one walks through hardship alone as a Founding 150 member? well, go on and click that button...

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