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Love Heals

there are a lot of moving parts within Love Heals. here's a quick breakdown of our funding categories to help make it a little easier to understand.

Program Fund
the "how" of LH

this fund covers all the expenses associated with a benefit campaign, which is the tool we use to carry out the Love Heals mission. these costs vary and are determined by location, size, and duration of campaigns. because 100% of what we raise during campaigns goes to our beneficiaries, we need financial partners and sponsors to help us cover campaign costs.

if you're interested in learning more about how our Program Fund works, please reach out to us!

if you're inspired to participate in this mission through financial support or are interested in sponsoring a campaign, fill out our Program Form!


Operations Fund

the "what" of LH

this fund covers the expenses of what we need to keep the organization sustainable and moving forward. all costs associated with this fund are fixed and cover our baseline needs from insurance to paying our staff.

if you want to learn more about how our Operations Fund works, contact our team and we will answer any questions you have!

if you believe in what we are doing and are interested in joining our team of financial supporters, fill out our Operations Form!

Beneficiary Fund

the "why" of LH

Love Heals exists to build a world where no one walks through hardship alone, and our beneficiaries are the driving force behind it all.

each campaign has a designated fund dedicated to the beneficiary we are partnering with. we work side-by-side with each individual to determine their greatest financial needs and assist with covering those costs. when you give to a Love Heals campaign, you can know that 100% of your donation went to the beneficiary!

if you're interested in learning more about how we handle our Beneficiary Fund, please contact our team!

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