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love heals: Luke Joachim

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

A courageous mother and her miracle boy.

3-year-old Luke was born with a rare genetic mutation which left him legally blind. As a baby he wasn't able to follow movement quite like his twin sister, but he was always drawn to light.

"He has always chased the light... in reality, the Light has always been with him. The meaning of Luke's name is, light giving." - Stephanie

Luke's mom, Stephanie, is raising her 4 kids while working from home.

She also has multiple sclerosis, which is an added daily struggle, but that hasn't stopped her from being joyful and full of faith. With lots of work and even more prayer, Stephanie was able to get Luke the surgery he needed to restore his eyesight! Her story really is one of God's full-circle faithfulness and attention to detail.

Love Heals was able to partner with Stephanie and her family to assist with the financial burden that came with Luke's miracle surgery in October of 2019. With the help of our local community and lots of love, we celebrated Luke and his journey into sight!

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