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love heals: Noah Felten

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Noah was only 23 years old when his world was turned upside down...

His story

Noah was only 23 years old when his world was turned upside down. 23. It seems too young an age to be diagnosed with testicular cancer, but sometimes things happen in life that do not really make sense. When we first sat down and talked with Noah and his recently married wife Jena, it was evident that their love story was different. Their story was filled with faith.

Okay God...

Throughout his life, Noah developed a mentality that seemed to have been preparing him all along for such a time as this - “Okay God.”

Let’s take a minute to define the word okay

'Okay' - exclamation

: used to express assent, agreement, or acceptance.

From a young age, the various forms of trials Noah had faced kept leading him back to this place of acceptance:

Okay God, I don’t have food right now.

Okay God, I don’t have a job right now.

Okay God, I can’t get married right now.

Okay God, I don’t have insurance right now.

Okay God, I have cancer right now.

And despite all these things, it was okay, because his faith was in God, not the circumstance.

Noah and Jena’s story can be seen as one of acceptance. Accepting things that cannot be changed, and trusting God with the outcome.

This faithful couple had to put things on hold - their wedding, their move, their expectations. A double orchiectomy wasn’t really in the plans.

So how can these two find joy and hope in the middle of confusion and unknowns?

They both say their peace comes from God, and they want the world to know that God is a perfect provider.

There are still up and down days for Noah as he adjusts to his new way of living, but he and his wife are full of joy that he is in remission. We are so thankful for people like this young couple who are not only walking faithfully, but willing to share their story to encourage others!

Our show for Noah and Jena was on April 22nd, 2018, and on that same day we all learned together that the surgeries had removed all of Noah’s cancer!

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