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love heals: Faith Mesadieu

after 3 brain surgeries and 2 years fighting Leukemia, this girl never stopped dancing

What started as a trip to the hospital because of high fever quickly became something no parent wants to hear: cancer.

Faith was only 2 years old when they discovered this awful disease in her body. Her head had become full of fluid, causing pressure on her brain. The doctors discovered the Leukemia during her first brain surgery.

Since then, it's been one thing after another with Faith's health journey. After 2 more brain surgeries and years of radiation and chemotherapy, doctors were certain that Faith would never be able to walk or talk again. And then one day her dad noticed her eyes start to light up again, then her smile, and the next thing they knew she was talking!

Despite what the doctors said, Faith was dancing again.

On May 21st, 2024, Love Heals was able to partner with so many amazing people, including this family. Faith and her little sister, Bella, got to dance the night away at their [benefit] concert in Roanoke, Virginia. Together with amazing music from Allen W. Brown and Melinda Isley, the ROA community rallied together to pray over this sweet girl and celebrate all of her milestones at 4 years old. $3,728 was raised through the event, and Love Heals will be paying the family's mortgage for the next several months so that they can focus on what's most important - their family.

We can't wait to watch Faith keep on dancing.

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