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love heals: Mary & Llanzo Muindi

Updated: May 24

a dynamic mother son due persevering through the hardest times

Mary is a 24 year old single mom. She loves cooking for others, doing makeup, working with the elderly, and is interested in potentially studying psychology once her life settles down a bit. Most of all, Mary wants to give her son the life she never had growing up.

Her 3 year old son, Llanzo, has autism and LOVES to play with bugs, dress up, and most of all, he loves to dance.

You see, Mary hasn't been dealt the best hand in life. Growing up in 10 different foster homes, losing her father and grandmother, and suffering from countless acts of abuse and neglect, Mary has been on her own the majority of her life. And now, she and her son are facing homelessness. Through all the the ups and downs over the last few years, one thing that has consistently kept her going is her son and his contagious laughter.

On April 13th, the Love Heals family was able to shed a little bit of light into Marys life by showing up, celebrating her journey, supporting her next steps of finding home, and listening to a story that moved everyone in the room.

Our goal? To raise enough funds to help Mary cover the first few months of rent. Our purpose? To let her know she is not alone. The outcome? The generosity of the community showed up and raised $3,650 for Mary $ Llanzo.

So what now? Our team is working hard alongside other organizations and programs in the Lynchburg Area to help get Mary established and settled into a home, with a job, and with financial education that will help her prepare for her new start with her son.

One day at a time. One person at a time. No one walks through hardship alone.

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