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love heals: Elaine Faye

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

…her journey with cancer began back in 2018 when doctors discovered something was going wrong in her body…

Elaine Faye was a young artist living in Los Angeles, California. A writer and performer at heart.

She told stories of her life through her original songs, both on tour and in the studio. Typically vibrant and full of energy, Elaine started to notice a shift in her body in 2018. When she went to the doctors to see what was going on, they gave her the news - stage 2 breast cancer.

...time would tell otherwise…

Unfortunately, this was a misdiagnosis. In 2020, doctors found the cancer was actually at stage 4 and taking a serious toll on her body. She was placed on a new treatment, but her body had an adverse reaction. The cancer made its way into her bones, liver, and spleen from there.

When Love Heals heard about Elaine’s story, we were moved to do something for her. Typically doing one-time concerts, we decided to try something new: a three-part campaign that included a benefit concert in Lynchburg, VA, a 300-mile bike ride down the coast of California, and a benefit concert in Los Angeles. Three events, all for Elaine. Hundreds of people were able to participate and help her financially, together raising enough to support her from October 2021 well into January 2022. We were so honored to be a part of helping Elaine in her fight against cancer in this unique way.

Sadly, Elaine passed away on November 14th, 2022. She was surrounded by friends and family singing all of her favorite songs [including an eclectic mix of R&B, jazz, and worship]. We will forever remember her, her legacy, and all of the ways we watched you jump in with support and love.

Thank you for helping us in building a world where no one goes through hardship alone.

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