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love heals: the Fassero family

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

This is a story of unlikely rescue - of God's rescue.

Fassero sisters (29-year-old Savannah & 27-year-old Lillian) along with Lillian’s husband, Kyle Sharpe, took custody of their 4 younger siblings in December of 2022. Although they had been trying for three years to remove their siblings from their previous living situation, authorities were dismissive of their case. Finally, the seven adult Fassero siblings were able to compile 13 pages worth of testimonies that ultimately led courts to issue 4 protective orders for the siblings under 18. Within 6 days, custody was relinquished to Savannah and Lillian. Now they are in charge of raising their siblings. Currently they are living with Lillian, Kyle, and their 3-year-old in a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom house. All are working together to ensure that their siblings can finish growing up healthy and happy.

On September 8th, 2023, Love Heals partnered with Hill City Community Church & LU Praise for an amazing night of worship!

The benefit worship night raised more than $9,500 and provided 13 weekly meals through event attendees signing up!

Through generous community partners, other practical needs have been covered.

This list includes:

  • School supplies - courtesy of Patrick Henry Family Services.

  • Mentorship - provided through Younglife

  • A new kitchen - with labor courtesy of Compassion Church of the Nazarene.

It's hard to always understand God's timing, but this event showed us that His rescue will come in all sorts of ways.

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