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love heals: the Morris family

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

a story of provision in the midst of the valley

In October of 2019, Gerald Morris had his first stroke. He had decided to retire in March of that year and pour more into his business, but this stroke left going back to work completely impossible. Due to this, the Morris family fell into medical debt. His wife Francie and daughter Hannah became his caregivers. Francie continued to work remediation at a local school as well as teaching summer school. Gerald unfortunately had a 2nd stroke in November of 2022. Though this stroke did not cause further damage, it did incur additional medical expenses.

On top of Gerald's health becoming compromised, Francie also needed back surgery as well as emergency gallbladder removal. Hannah had to step in and out of caring for both of her parents multiple times before turning 16. Francie shared with us the struggles of walking through this long season of medical crises, but she never stopped praising the God who walked with them through every high and every low.

On October 8th, 2023, Love Heals partnered with the Morris family through our last benefit worship night of the year at Brookhill Church.

This was an INCREDIBLE night of worship, prayer, community, music, storytelling, listening, and supporting the Morris family.

From the overflow of generosity from those who came (and those who heard their story weeks before the event), we raised $4,515 - that's $1,515 over our initial goal!

100% will be going to help pay off the family's medical debt. We couldn't be more grateful for all of your support for this family.

To Francie, Gerald, and Hannah, thank you for being brave enough to allow others to fight for you.

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